Friday, July 17, 2009

"Raddest stunt, wins girl"

aaaaaaaah stunts, everyone loves a stunt or two. the feeling of those stunts are multiplyied by like 100% when their done correctly from the delicious lip of a fly-out grass bank. no matteer what the optimum stunt is, be it 1-legger,table,180 or streight up ill x-up, you are pretty much garrenteed that funny feeling in your pants. your never really at a loss when you play bikes, you always have an idea what to do.
then there's kissing girls, yeah girls are alright. you can hold their hand for a while before you get detatched from that and start checkin' their boobs. boob's are pretty cool right? your not really ever going to say no-thank's to looking at boobs, well unless their really hairy or infected. urrgh, hairy boob's. have you ever seen a hairy pair of boob's? like really hairy, enough to make you want to look away in dread.

i found out today that podge has a real name. that kind of shocked me, you dont really think someone with a nickname they are associated with actually has a real name.
it does'nt really cross your mind, why would it? you just assume and take it for granted. what does someone with a real name actually do? are they normal like everone else or do the exsist on another plain of reality where the laws of physics do not apply.

andrew cripps, if you were interested.

in all fairness iv somewhat deviated from the point. in all honesty there wasn't one. below are 3 pictures that i hope will shed some light on the one they call PODGE.


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